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At this time, reading for pleasure should be the focus with your children. It will create a world full of wonder while developing and widening their vocabulary.

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Reading for Pleasure is the entitlement of every child, but how can we motivate and engage readers?

The Teachers as Readers study (The Open University and UK Literacy Association) and other OU studies have established effective ways to support children’s Reading for Pleasure (RfP). Based on the research, this website aims to support a vibrant professional community of teachers, student teachers, librarians and English leaders in order to nurture lifelong readers.

The OU Reading for Pleasure website is free. The monthly newsletter keeps staff up to date with any new books, developments in Reading for Pleasure and Case Studies.

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Reading with your child can support them in developing a love of reading. The OU have come up with guides and videos to support parents with this. These can be found by clicking here.

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Reading Aloud

Books for Topics 3-5

Books for Topics 5-7

Books for Topics 7-9

Books for Topics 9-11


Story Time

Story Time 3-5

Story Time 5-7

Story Time 7-9

Story Time 9-11

Top Ten Storytimes – 7-11 year olds

Top Ten Storytimes to Enjoy

Why Re-reading Story Books Matters


Picture Books

YR and Y1 Picture Books (Promoting Diversity)

YR and Y1 Picture books (About Fear and Worry)

Book Trust

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Reading for Pleasure

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